Crowe came on set on our third day at Greenwich and was everything I had not expected him to be. He was friendly, a great hit with the kids and got on well with the crew (“Let’s have a drag of your fag, mate,” he was heard to say in between takes).

And, yes, he really does have great presence.

At Pinewood, where we filmed after Greenwich, he went off to find water for a “beggar” baby who was thirsty in the intense heat of the studio.

The child was clearly upset and crying at being put into the arms of one of us beggars (not surprising given how horrendous we must have looked to her) but Crowe showed his paternal side by chatting to the child and her mum, who by now was wearing beggar gear too.

- an extra who plays one of the ‘beggars’ in Les Mis, recalling her experience meeting Russell Crowe on the set
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